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FUND THE CHANGE want to see in the world!

Tackling the symptoms and the roots of economic inequality

What would happen,
if we were to split up the global wealth more equally?

Every person on earth would be able to live off a monthly income
that's equivalent to a european middle class income of 1.450€ per person.
Our goal is wealth for everyone instead of excessive luxury for a few. Our goal is wealth for everyone instead of excessive luxury for a few.

Monthly Income:
Monthly Income:
Monthly Income: 73 €

The "Fair Share"

Poverty is the direct consequence of excessive wealth.

Current Ideal global income distribution (2015) (everyone getting their "Fair Share")

(per 10% of the world's population)

There are seven billion "Fair Share"-pieces of the global income pie, each at 1.450€. But for every person taking two pieces, there must be one who does not get his.
The only way to accomplish a fairer distribution is the ones who currently get more than their "Fair Share" sharing their surplus income with the ones who get too little.

1st Step:


Start making a difference instead of just waiting for change.

Share what you get too much in the current system of distribution with those who get too little.


Share as much of your income, as you feel to be the right amount.

And if you earn more than your "Fair Share" of 1.530€ a month, we encourage you to invest your surplus into "Fund The Change"-Projects*.
This way you give others the opportunity to finally reach their "Fair Share" as well.

*These are projects from different fields with the common goal to reach a more just distribution of the existing wealth. More on that at "Fund The Change"

2nd Step:


- not for profit -

Renew the mechanism of distribution itself.

On our platform you can fund businesses who's surpluses will flow back and will be used to fund new "Fund The Change" projects and businesses - instead of enlarging wealth inequality by only enriching the rich, like today's businesses do.

We will also start a "Business For Change"-Certification, so you can buy your stuff from companies that make world a fairer place & avoid those who do the opposite.

The "Business For Change"-Certification

I. 100% of the profits go to "Fund The Change"-Projects.

○ Profit being the money that is left after deduction of all expenses of the revenue - what is usually given to the shareholders of a company.
Expenses (=not profit) is: salaries (including a salary for the businessman or -woman), reserves, reinvestments, investments into new business opporunities, etc.
○ The businessman or -woman only get paid a salary, if they actively work in the company. In a "Business For Change" there is no possibility to live of the work of others simply by having had enough money to buy a share of a company.
○ It is not possible to make a profit off selling a "Business For Change" or by selling shares of it. You can only get back the (inflation-adjusted) amount you initially invested, since you already were paid for your contribution of work to the company in form of a salary. Unpaid working hours -i.e. from the founding time can be reembursed though.
The rest of the sales revenue is to be used for other "Fund The Change"-Projects.

II. No salary exceeds the current "Fair Share"-amount.

○ The current "Fair Share"-amount is calculated by "" each year.
○ For employees who's income is supporting additional persons (for example kids, partner, nursing their parent or someone else) the "Fair Share"-amount is accordngly adjusted. If they have prove of their additional income supporting exclusively another person, it is not of concern if the employee has family or any other special relationship to the supported person.
○ The "Fair Share"-amount for kids up to 14 years is calculated with a factor of 0.5

In the medium term we additionally want to start "Coop For Change"-Certifiaction, which has additional conditions concerning inner organizational equality in the cooperative / the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would anyone still want to start a business under these conditions? For similar reasons non-greedy persons start businesses today: To make a living. While working in a field that you love, see your ideas become reality.
With the additional motivation to not only empower yourself and your employees to be able to afford a good standard of living, but also help people around the world to reach the same goal.
What happens if a company just stops to channel their profits to "Fund The Change"? Getting "Fund The Change"-Funding is always bound to signing legal contracts. If you violate the terms of this agreement, you loose the right to use the "Business For Change"-Label, can get it's communities money back, if need be with a court order & in a serious case there can also be additional financial penalties. Who decides into which of the projects, programs and businesses the revenue is to be invested? We encourage the certified companies to hand over this decision to all users of the platform, so that all people have the power to decide which projects are funded - even the people who do not have enough money to contribute themselves.
But the companies can also decide for themselves into which projects their revenue will be going. Under the condition that any project they give money to is compliant to the "Working For Change - not profit"-rules.
Businesses have to make a profit to survive... No, businesses must make enough revenue to take of all of their expenses. But revenue is not profit.

3rd Step:

Through our online platform you can decide what exactly is funded with the money:

Social Projects in your neighbourhood or at the other end of the world,

Basic Income Programs for the most disadvantaged regions of the world,

or new "Businesses For Change": a new bar down your street, a start-up or an agricultural coop in Uganda - you name it!

The four categories on

Business For Change

With every "Business For Change" that we fund through the platform, we get a new financial supporter for the growth of the movement, a company that we all benefit from instead of just the happy few.

Social & Cultural Projects

There is a thousand good ideas how to help people, implement lifelong learning or just making our lives in our cities a little more beautiful.
Imagine you could buy your stuff at companies, that actually fund the realization of these ideas in a joint effort with you - instead of greedily piling up ever larger profits.

Fair Share Fund

Another possibility to invest your monthly "Share Your Wealth"-donation wisely: Put the power over where it is invested into the hands of the ones who don't have enough money to take part in the decisions on the platform.
The "Fair Share Fund" will be doing just that: Whoever can and wants to, puts (parts of) their donation into this program. Every person on the platform can now have a vote on which projects the money goes to. Everyone has the same voting power, no matter if they were also able to put in money not.

Direct Cash Transfers

A few years ago it was frowned upon, but more and more studies find it to be one of the most effective ways to lift people out of poverty:
Just giving the people you want to help cash, instead of deciding for them what they need, without even really knowing their lives.

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In order to to prepare a professional launch with an appropriate media campaign,
we need to have funding for the salaries for at least two people working part-time, for a coworking-space, programmers & to buy professional expertise in legal and PR matters.


of ~3.000€ monthly funding

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